CenterCoin is a cryptocurrency that lot of meet a few these requirements and can also be used in real life.
CenterCoin has affiliated stores both online and offline where the coins can be used,
uses the blockchain technology which prevents hacking and counterfeit,
and applies secure wallet where users can store their cryptocurrency safely along with high transfer speed.

Centercoin vision

Center Coin is working with the real world to prove its value.


CenterCoin, which is considered as a solution for solving problems of existing cryptocurrency is gaining recognition as a coin with
high real-life utilization value through the blockchain technology security, stability and convenience.
CenterCoin offers the service of cash withdrawals at over 13,000 convenience stores nationwide.
In addition, we have entered into agreements with alliance shopping malls, duty free shops, luxury goods stores, travel and medical
sector, and have completed the construction of infrastructures to enable users to immediately use the cryptocurrency of CenterCoin.

Centercoin Solution

The Center Coin, which aims to be a real economy system,
supports payment systems including duty free shops, shopping, online games and ATMs.

  • Shopping

    Available at duty-free shops and shopping malls.

  • Online Game

    Payments and rewards systems are available in many online games.

  • Payment

    Payment using the center coin offers users a number of benefits.

ATM Service

Centercoin offers services that enable affiliate members to use passwords, points, and
bank account balance loans at convenience stores across the nation through Hyosung ATM.

Gaming market item trading

The transactions for all products that used the CenterCoin as a means of payment are recorded and it is paid as a compensation
for verifying this record. It is an environment where game users participate in the verification of the blockchain
just by running the games and are rewarded in return.
The game user can use the acquired CenterCoin as a payment means for acquiring all the products and services in the game.


  • Duty-free shop
  • Luxury goods
  • ATM
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Medical Services

Coin sale

Symbol : Center (e.g. CENT) / Type : POW


Team & Advisor

  • Yung hak, Jung CEO

    Managing Director
    Bison pnb Representative

  • Jaehun, Seo CTO
  • Yu jin, Choi Support Specialist

    Customer Service Agent

  • Dae weon, Lee IT Support Manager

    Maintenance Crew Leader

  • Murtaza Mustansir

    LLB Institution. University of London
    Internik Pakistan pvt ltd

  • Geni Ng

    International Certificates in Applied Nutrition and
    International Professional Personal fitness Trainer
    University of Southern Queensland, Australia
    Nutrition counselor

  • Hussain Mustansir

    ACCA, Diploma in Business
    INTI international University, TMUC
    Shan Controls,
    AdWheels and Facing North.c

  • Sadaf Nazir

    M.Sc in International Business Communication
    Asia Pacific University, KL, Malaysia.
    Performance Marketing Manager in Fave Asia

  • Naqiya Mustansar

    Bachelors in economics and finance.
    Diploma in photography.
    Curtin university Australia
    Sales, marketing, photography,
    finance and educator spokesman.

  • Jamal Rafiq

    Diploma in Multimedia Applications
    Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University
    1) 3 years Dreamchaser Entertainment
    2) 3 years Omnitech Solutions as
    Senior Graphic designer
    3) 2 years Lynns Cafe and Catering
    4) 2 years Freelance Graphic Design
    5) 5 years Chemiseed Head of sales.

  • Zakria Amir

    Sunway University
    Marketing Assistant at Wrollit Pvt Ltd.

  • Fatema Murtaza

    Bachelors in Fine Arts
    OCAD University
    Synite Digital, Roots Canada,
    Hudson Bay Corporation,
    St. Frances Summer Camp and
    American Eagle Outfitters

  • Mohd khalid Yunos

    Bachelors in commerce.
    University Malaya
    sales, marketing, development,
    mass communication, advertising, analyst.

  • Sandeep Chandan

    Bsc. International business
    monash university
    research Analyst at Technoli Media

  • Ahmed Yaar Awaan

    LLB. Kings college London
    Fazlul karim associates pvt ltd

  • Umnia Wasim

    Undergraduate student undertaking Bachelor of
    Commerce(majoring in Finance and Economics)
    with Bachelor of Psychology Macquarie University
    Disability support worker,
    brand ambassador for FairAction intl,
    Charity call representative,
    administration assistant


  • 2019.3Q
    • Open Game (Casual Game and Gambling Game) and
      begin Commercialization
    • Enter China Market (Shopping Mall, Online Shopping Mall)
  • 2019.2Q
    • Business agreement with representative office of Vietnam Tourism Agency
    • 2019 Super Race Asian Cup Official Sponsor
    • HTML5 Mobile Game Development Agreement
    • Business Agreement with UN ECOSOC SCES CSD
  • 2019.1Q
    • Contract with Sejong Life settlement service
    • Contract with Hyosung ATM withdrawal system
    • Business agreement with PnB duty free shop for payment service
    • Business agreement with Medical Payment Service
    • Listed on COINWILL Exchange
    • Listed on TENNTEN Exchange
    • Listed on COINHILLS Exchange
    • Listed on NAMEBIT Exchange
  • 2018.4Q
    • Completed Real Economy Agreement
    • Duty Free Shop, Shopping Mall, Online Shopping Mall, etc
      (Began Commercialization of Center Coin)
    • Completed IEO at Russia Exchange
    • IEO at Korea Exchange: Under Discussion
    • IEO at China Exchange: Under Discussion
    • Develop Real Economy Payment System
    • Discuss IEO at Thailand Exchange
    • IEO at Coin Bene
    • Conduct Coin Air-Drop at Own Exchange
    • Listed on COINIS Exchange
    • Listed on COINZEST Exchange
    • Listed on COINBENE Exchange
    • Listed on BIT-M Exchange
  • 2018.3Q
    • Entered Game Business
    • Discussed IEO at Russia Exchange
    • Began to secure Liquidity globally
    • Entered Game and SNS Application Business
  • 2016
    • Researched and developed Game Business
    • Started Research on Life Style Business
  • 2014
    • White paper and business preparation
    • Conducted Service Research for Game Business