Most of the current Blockchain is not ideal because it focuses heavily on technology and focuses on creating real use cases. Center Coin's philosophy is not only to build a technically superior chain, but also to build a chain that can be applied to real life. A good block chain should have a much better user experience and performance than the current product in the market.

In addition to games and shopping malls, the Center Coin, which is also available in our duty-free shop, will become a game changer as a real life optimized coin.
Over the past 20 years, Internet-based technology has been developed, so millions of individual investors participated in various trades of the global financial market. Further, financial transactions and large profits have created tremendous demand and Internet financial trading company for such transactions have grown rapidly. However, traditional regulations and FX controls make it difficult for traders to deposit and withdraw money for trading. Center Coin enables traders to exchange USD for each national currency freely and safely. With this advantage, Center Coin will provide the platform to connect between cryptocurrencies and trading.

Center coin is pursuing

In this context, we will provide the followings

Secure and easy statement platform
of FX market and cryptocurrency.
Rich trading signals
AI program for
automatic transactions
Cryptocurrency investment portfolio
by the link service with the trading platform
Transparent and stable platform
through cooperation with banks


Global Financial Future

Starting From Nov.2018

Centercoin Solutions

Digitalizing any physical stores. Buy cryptocurrency using fiat,
bank card, mobile wallet or CENTER COIN

Foreign Exchange
Digital wallets supporting CENTER COIN can buy,
sell and accept cryptocurrency.
Online Game
Digital wallets supporting CENTER COIN can buy,
sell and accept cryptocurrency.
Digital wallets supporting CENTER COIN can buy,
sell and accept cryptocurrency.

Why Center coin?

About 4 million traders in the FX margin trading market use the trading accounts of financial intermediaries every day.
The daily amount of the total FX market reaches 3 trillion USD, and the statement volume of individual traders through FX brokers stands at 50 billion USD annually.
We will help each broker and trader deposit and withdraw money with the Center Coin listed on exchanges. This will maximize the profits of the participants in the ICO through its own brokers and exchange projects

Crypto asset transaction
Smart Contracting
Artificial Intelligence
Automated Investment
Funds trading
Refined and Transparent
High level security
Secured Funds
24/7 Hours
Global Marketplace

Bank Acquisition

We are ongoing to negotiate with the first banks with SWIFT codes in several countries to take over them. Further, acquisition of banking license will enable the businesses of futures companies and exchanges to conduct FX trading and deposit and withdraw money in banking systems freely. In addition, card issuance and asset management services for customers will be provided.

Futures Company Establishment

The FX market was originally a limited market mainly focusing on inter-banking transactions, but now various entities are participating in the market, including central banks in each nation, commercial and investment banks, hedge funds, general companies and individuals. The FX market is one of the largest financial markets in the world. The average daily trading volume approaches 3.2 trillion USD, and this is more than 10 times the average daily trading volume of the global stock market and over 35 times the average daily trading volume of NYSE. Further, the global population is trading at close to 500 USD per day on that market. The spot market accounts for one-third of the same scale.

Exchange Establishment

The volume, capitalization and project volume of the Cryptocurrency Market has grown by over 150% annually over the past several years. Users can save money by issuing crypto tokens which is a underlying asset of the cryptocurrency. Exchanges are able to get more volume by trading in the virtual currency market as well as the FX margin trading market as it is possible to trade in both directions. This will lead to the active trading of Center Coin and the increase in value. In addition, we plan to obtain Gibraitar Regulated Exchange DLT License in Europe and the PI License under FCA.

Team & Advisor

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Road Map


Open Game (Casual Game and Gambling Game) and begin Commercialization

Enter China Market (Shopping Mall, Online Shopping Mall)


Entered into Agreement with BARCLAYS Bank

Entered Game Business


Began to secure Liquidity globally

Entered Game and SNS Application Business

Discussed IEO at Russia Exchange


Completed Real Economy Agreement

Duty Free Shop, Shopping Mall, Online Shopping Mall, etc (Began Commercialization of Center Coin

Completed IEO at Russia Exchange

IEO at Korea Exchange: Under Discussion

IEO at China Exchange: Under Discussion


Develop Real Economy Payment System

Discuss IEO at Thailand Exchange

Prepare Opening of Own Korea Exchange

IEO at Coin Bene


Start Commercialization of FX Margin Trading

Conduct Coin Air-Drop at Own Exchange

2017 - 2018
2017 - 2018. 03

Prepared Business for FX Margin White Paper

Researched and developed Own Exchange

FX Futures

Published White Paper on Margin Trading


Researched and developed FX Margin

Started Research on Margin Trading


FX Futures

Conducted Service Test for Margin Trading